BETA RELEASE - Version 0.13.0

May 14th, 2021


First, a little bit about how we got here... Card Games by Bicycle was an app concept initiated to continue in the footsteps of our predecessors at Bicycle to revolutionize the world of playing cards, but this time for the digital world! Our mission for this app has one goal in mind: Enable you to enjoy the Magic of Playing Together anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. We want to break down the barriers of long-distance travel, hosting a gathering, or limited free time so we can maximize the time we spend playing together!

We ask for your help in fulfilling this mission by becoming a beta tester and providing feedback to so we can deliver an unmatched digital card playing experience. 

If you're interested in accessing the beta, click the link below for your mobile device. As this app is in Beta, the download process may be different than you are used to. Click Here for a helpful guide to get you started if you have trouble with the links below. 


Okay... So what is in the Beta, what are we working on, and what bugs may you encounter?

Current Beta Features - Subject to Change Prior to Full Release

  • 3 Games Available - Hearts, Spades, Solitaire
  • 3 Play Modes - Public Lobbies (may not be well-populated in early days of testing), Private Lobbies w/ Video Chat, and Single Player Against Bots
  • Friends list to coordinate play with others in private lobbies
  • Easy sharing features to invite new friends to the app

In Development

  • More Games Coming - Gin Rummy, Rummy 500, Euchre, Bridge, Cribbage, and more are planned. If you've got your favorites that you want to see in the app, we'd love to know!
  • Leaderboards - ELO Ranking system to determine who's the best card player in the world and in your group
  • Play Together w/ Bots - Sometimes getting 4 people together is tough and adding a robot to your group can help get a game together on short notice. 

Known Potential Bugs & What To Do About Them

All bug reports are helpful! If you experience something not working as it should, please let us know by emailing a description of your issue to The more details you provide about the problem and what you were doing in the app when it occurred, the better likelihood we have of quickly finding a solution. Your feedback is critical to helping us work towards providing a flawless experience. 

Some bugs you may encounter and current workarounds as we work on a fix: 

  • BUG: Taking a profile picture on iOS 14+ causes the app to crash. WORKAROUND: Use default avatars instead, we are working on a bugfix. 
  • BUG: When a player gets kicked from a private lobby, the app may become broken in some cases for that player until a restart. WORKAROUND: Restart the app completely.
  • BUG: A friend invite between two people that is sent and received from both parties exists twice. WORKAROUND: Accept the invite on both ends. 
  • BUG: May experience echo in voice chats. WORKAROUND: Mute and Unmute all mics in party.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT! We hope you enjoy the app and look forward to playing with you soon!

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